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Your bag is an essential part of your game, it is as much a part of your success as all the other equipment you use. YONEX bags are designed to be comfortable and secure, with easy storage options, so you will never be without it.

Carry your bag with pride, packed inside are your memories of those hard training sessions and the matches you have fought to win.

– Double Padded Carry Adjustable Straps to be carried as backpack.

– Very thick Cushion Between Racquet Compartment and your Back.

– Larger space help to put racquets, apparels more easily.

– One Full Main Compartment for 2 – 3 Rackets.

– Another Full Compartment for apparels, Shuttles and other things.

– One Shoe Compartment for one Pair of shoes inside one of large Full Compartment.

– Two side Pockets for drinks and other things (balls, Shuttlecocks, etc).

– Made of high quality material to ensure durability and strength.

– Materials – 100% PU.

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