Cue Sports

Put simply, cue sports are a wide variety of games that are played with a cue stick.

These games are most commonly known as billiards, snooker and pool and are quite well known and popular around the world.

The games are played on a hard surfaced table, with cloth covered lining and pockets along the sides and corners. The aim of the game is to use your cue to move the balls around the table and sink your balls into the pockets, with the first one with all of their balls in a pocket the winner.


Learn and hone your cue skills on our brand new tables...

Cue sports, like most of our other activities, are based on fun and skill, which can be developed over time with coaching and practice. They are available for all age groups, genders and ability and are a wonderful social outlet as it is a sport played with others.

At SPORTS POINT we have 4 high-quality billiard, snooker and pool tables available, giving everyone a fair and equal opportunity to join in and play.

Cue sports are a great way to not only build social skills but also improve hand-eye co-ordination and develop strategic and tactical skills.

Our facility caters to those who wish to play for socialisation, as well as those who play at a competition level and wanting professional level coaching.

If you are interested in reserving one of our tables or would like to know more about the cue sports we offer, just reach out to one of our team or make a booking online today.

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