Table Tennis

Table Tennis or Ping Pong as it is otherwise known, is yet another one of the most globally popular sport and recreational activities.

Most of us know what Table Tennis is, however simply put, it is an indoor game based very closely on tennis, played with small bats (or paddles) and a small ball, using a hard surfaced table with a centre net. This game, as with tennis, is played with single or double opponents with the aim of the game being to score the most points in a series of game where the winner is the first to score 11 points.


Socialise & Learn a sport that you can play all lifelong!

It involves minimal running and is based more on strategy and skill as opposed to maximum fitness, which is why this game is suited to anyone of all ages, of all fitness levels.

Coaches work with their clients within our facility hub who either wish to play for enjoyment and recreation, or for competitive purposes. We offer 8 high-grade tables that are perfectly suited to those playing for fun, or training for competition.

While it is a game that requires skill, this can be taught, and the journey of learning is a great deal of fun.

If you are playing with a team, or looking to come along for socials, our staff can guide you in the right direction and our secure online booking system makes it easy for you to reserve your spot.

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