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Top Layer & Fiber

Take your game to the next level with the popular JOOLA Rossi Emotion! This fast 5+2 ply composite blade features Carbon fiber veneers that sit directly on top of the Ayous core for an enhanced sweet spot. The high-quality Hinoki outer veneers create more dwell, particularly at low impact speed, but still produce a relatively hard touch due to its Carbon layers. Together, this blade provides a soft, yet solid feel for the best possible balance of passive and active play. Load your serves and opening loops with the JOOLA Rossi Emotion! This blade is well-suited for the allround mid-distance player.

JOOLA Professional Line blades utilize innovative technologies, high-quality materials, and first-rate craftsmanship to create blades that will truly propel your game to the next level.

5+2 Ply Hybrid PBO-C Combination

5+2 ply blade of Hinoki – Koto – 3K-C – Ayous – 3K-C – Koto – Hinoki

Every strand of fiber in this 3K-C weave is made up of 3,000 individual Carbon filaments. The 3K-C significantly reduces vibrations to create an enlarged sweet spot and produce a flat ball trajectory. Truly an offensive weapon in all aspects, this fiber’s most notable characteristic is its hard, direct touch.

HINOKI, a highly sought-after premium Japanese wood, is often recognized by its rich, straight grain. This wood is characteristically soft with a bit of bounce and creates a one-of-a-kind touch that increases dwell-time for extra spin and control without sacrificing speed.

Performance Ratings

Meet the Blade's Namesake

Over the last 60+ years, JOOLA has achieved so many tremendous milestones. The ingenuity of its team and its commitment to excellence has propelled the brand from the department store floor to the World stage. As a company that dares to grow, JOOLA will continue to build on its legacy of being an industry leader. I am thrilled to be a part of Team JOOLA and am so excited to usher in this new era as JOOLA takes the sport of table tennis into the future.

Jörg Roßkopf

A former professional German table tennis player, Jörg Roßkopf has been a JOOLA-athlete for over 3 decades. He is currently the head coach of the German Men’s National Table Tennis Team. Roßkopf’s achievements include a Silver medal at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Games (Doubles), a Bronze medal at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games (Singles), and a Gold medal at the 1998 Table Tennis World Cup. As a coach, he was awarded the ITTF Star Coach award in 2017.

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